Urwa Hocane Bullied and Hurt Over Nadeem Baig Controversy

Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane discusses the Nadeem Baig controversy, saying, “I am so upset.”

Urwa Hocane is a famous Pakistani actress, businesswoman, and current producer who is renowned for being open and honest when discussing her worries, including both the deteriorating conditions in the profession and what it means to be a prominent female figure at the vanguard.

The Tich Bitton actress [Urwa Hocane] shared her side of the story on Friday in response to a similar incident that involved her, addressing it days after a video clip of comments made against her by acclaimed film and television director Nadeem Baig went popular on social media.

She stated in a lengthy message posted on her Instagram account that it is so awful that the formats of their shows are such that each person in the 1business has to tear the other down for the purpose of ratings in the guise of fun.

Recently, the director of the drama serial “Meray Pass Tum Ho” claimed that Urwa Hocane was one of the actors who allegedly threw the most temper tantrums while filming Portions of “Punjab Nahi Jaongi”.

He added that Urwa struggled when dancing, along with Humayun Saeed.

On social media, the Udaari starlet was criticized and made fun of in the viral video clip.

But, Urwa was quick to respond to all the trolls, adding that she would like to go into more detail on her side of the story now that it has come to this.

She wrote that Nadeem Bhai and Urwa (herself) have only collaborated on one project, and they had one disagreement about the song ‘Lak Hilna’ where they ultimately agreed to follow his aesthetics, song preference, and dance moves as Urwa sensed he was unwilling to hold a discussion, probably because as this society has become so intolerant to a difference of opinion especially when it’s a woman.

The Amanat actor and producer acknowledged that she received trolling for the movie’s song, but out of respect for her director, she never accused him of anything.

Urwa Hocane bemoaned that she is very saddened by how her personality is being portrayed publicly solely for engaging a healthy dialogue on set which she believes is a basis for collaboration when in all these years it was never brought out to her in person.

She continued that she must acknowledge that some of it are her own fault because when she first started working and throughout her early years, she was just wise enough to know that sharing one’s creative ideas is what one is supposed to do as a team.

The author wrote that the author is wiser to avoid working today in an environment where the author detects regressive and unpleasant conduct towards having an opinion or input and when one’s voice is impulsively dismissed as a woman.

She added that although there might be a few employment vacancies in the little entertainment industry as a result, she would prefer to be her “true authentic self” since she is unable to see herself in any other manner.

She remarked how wonderful would it be if our loving colleagues didn’t participate in persuading the public to continue to target a specific person. She thinks that since performers’ personal lives have already been made public, unwelcome trolling is always a possibility. It is cruel and terrible. She genuinely hopes that everyone who reads this will understand how bad these games can be for both one’s mental and physical health. Let’s treat one another with respect. Let’s honor and encourage the good in each other, as well as recognize and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, while we still have the chance. Life is too brief to have regrets later in life when it’s already too late.


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Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

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