The “Very Unknown And Misunderstood” King Charles

Despite spending a lot of time in the spotlight, King Charles III is frequently “misunderstood,” according to an expert.

Catherine Mayer remarked during their discussion on Australia’s Sunrise: “I think one of the things that startled me was his very lonely existence.

She continued, “[When] you think of someone like that, who lives in Palaces [and] is always surrounded by people as being somebody with a lot of connections [and], if you like, a lot of social life.

You watch him working constantly; in truth, it’s a really solitary existence.

“He’s also a lot funny than you realise, mainly on purpose, not always,” the expert stated. Over time, he developed his own ideology.

The author of Charles: The Heart of King, a revised edition, said, “That is a lot stranger and more interesting than you may imagine.

She continued, “I believe the most astonishing thing about him is that despite spending so much time in the spotlight, he yet manages to stay very obscure and misunderstood.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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