Short: How Online Technology Changed The World

Freedom of technology and the culture of autonomy – A short conversation

Acceptance of Change is the only solution to live in this world, or we can say it is E-world. This world has become a necessity in everyone’s life, and we cannot live without it. Technology is doing its work by giving new inventions to humans from which they get their useful work. No one can be changed easily because accepting change is very difficult; it comes with time and positive enforcement. Technology usage is getting easier every day, due to which every organization provides its services online from which they can easily approach their customers and target market.

People can now live without food but cannot live without technology because it has become an essential part of life. Mobile phones, laptops, television, online businesses, and many more are some sources of technology that play an important role by giving ease to every single person who has access to technology because it is an easy, safe, secure and reliable source. Getting the latest tech news on the internet or TV is increasing rapidly worldwide because organizations are now reducing their expenses by converting their businesses online, which also helps them access their clients easily and quickly. There are lots of brand names that become a billionaire by doing business in the technology world. Amazon and eBay are the most popular of all; they sell every necessity of life online with their excellent service.

Many operating systems, like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android, are helping people in this tech world; using these multiple sources, they can make this beautiful world bigger than we expect. Using multiple apps also are the source of using technology that just does the work with a single click, and we can get the results within seconds. Paying bills, fees, memberships, business transactions, transfer of money, and many things in the most secure way.

Hundreds and thousands of tech products and websites are available online, providing web-based services uninterruptedly. These websites are the source to enter the tech world where you can create your own business, sell your product, provide online services, download multiple apps, web hosting, domain hosting, and many more services that enhance your productivity.

“The Internet could be a very positive step towards education, organization and participation in a meaningful society.”- Noam Chomsky

Technology delivers a quality of work that enhances the trust and reliability of people, especially those who are not easily invested in any business.

All over the world, approximately 70 percent of people are directly related to this tech world, and the remaining 30% will be entered with time. However, tech news is an amazing tool that is helping people a lot, and they love to be there.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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