Pakistan Starts Manufacturing SIM Cards Locally

Pakistan is going to introduce its own sim card, opening many perspectives of the economy and research

A Pakistani eSIM production is going to introduce the first made-in-Pakistan eSIM. This will help to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks via cellular devices. Other than security, it will help to provide a livelihood to numerous people across the country. It will also reduce the cost per unit and help to meet the new technology horizons in the country.

Pakistan each year imports million of sims to meet the requirements. This import cost million of PKR per year. It will also help to create foreign exchange and increase the tax reserves of Pakistan. Upper than all, it will help an honest effort to fill the gap between academia and industry. It will open a new horizon of advancement and research.

According to PTA, there are 194 Million Cellular Subscribers with 86.70% teledensity to date. 3G/4G users are raised to 121 Million with 54.15% Penetration. Sources reported that the PTA is also helping to meet this goal.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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