The Price of Honda Bikes has Increased

A series of price increases have been announced by local bike and car assemblers following the recent collapse of the Rupee against the US Dollar.

Pakistan’s largest bike manufacturer, Atlas Honda, has raised prices for the second time in 20 days, citing the country’s economic instability as a reason.

New Honda Bike Prices

  • Honda CD 70, one of the company’s most popular bikes, will now cost Rs. 144,900, a significant increase of Rs. 7,000 from its previous price of Rs. 137,900.
  • Honda CD 70 Dream saw a jump of Rs. 8,000, taking its price to Rs. 155,500 from Rs. 147,500.
  • Honda Pridor will now cost Rs. 190,500, a hike of Rs. 9,000 from its previous price of Rs. 181,500.
  • Honda CG 125, another popular bike model, will see a considerable increase of Rs. 9,000, taking its price to Rs. 214,900 from Rs. 205,900.
  • Honda CG 125 SE will now cost Rs. 255,900, a hike of Rs. 12,000 from its previous price of Rs. 243,900.
  • Honda CB 125 F has seen a significant increase of Rs. 20,000, taking its price to Rs. 350,900 from Rs. 330,900.
  • Honda CB 150F’s price has gone up by Rs. 25,000, taking it to Rs. 443,900 from Rs. 418,900.
  • Honda CB 150F SE will now cost Rs. 447,900, a hike of Rs. 25,000 from its previous price of Rs. 422,900.

The middle class in Pakistan, who are already struggling with inflation, are now in a worse financial situation as a result of Atlas Honda’s second price increase in the last 20 days.

The price increases have made it more and more difficult for the average person to buy these well-liked bikes, which are frequently referred to as the ride of the masses.

The burden on Pakistan’s middle class, which is already struggling to make ends meet, has increased as a result of rising prices for both cars and motorcycles. The rupee’s value against the US dollar has fallen as a result of the nation’s economic instability, making it more challenging for companies to import raw materials and pass the costs on to customers.

It remains to be seen how long these price hikes will continue and what effect they will have on the economy and the people of the country.

Written by Imad Khan

Imad Khan has the skills and experience to deliver top-notch content that informs, engages, and inspires. He oftens explores nature in his free time.