The NA Committee is adamant about firing CAA and PIA officials

NA Committee Is Vocal in Support of Firing High-ranking officers from the CAA and PIA

NA Committee Makes a Vocal Decision to Fire High-ranking officers from CAA and PIA received reprimands for disobeying the National Assembly’s special committee, which is in charge of rehiring discharged employees. PIA and CAA officials

The committee demanded the expulsion of the aviation secretary, CAA Director General (DG), and PIA CEO in a letter to the Establishment Division for refusing to reinstate workers who had been fired for using false degrees.

The committee had earlier issued a directive ordering the reinstatement of the 840 employees whose credentials had been revoked due to these accusations in 2009 and the closing of all complaints.

Senior aviation officials ignored this order, nevertheless, and did not show up for the committee’s scheduled meeting. The committee has responded by requesting that the Establishment Division remove these officials and reinstate the fired workers.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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