Telenor Pakistan Introduces Graduate Trainers Through “Open Mind Program”

Using Telenor Pakistan’s “Open Mind Program,” PTA can hire a graduate trainee.

A significant step was taken toward the creation of a more inclusive and equitable workplace when the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) satisfactorily integrated its first graduate trainee through the Disability Inclusion Management Trainee Program in collaboration with Telenor Pakistan under their “Open Mind Pakistan (OMP)” curriculum. Officers and representatives from PTA and Telenor Pakistan participated in a combined ceremony at PTA Headquarters in Islamabad.

A partnership agreement between PTA and Telenor Pakistan was struck in 2021, and as part of that deal, the regulator promised to accept one female PWD who would be supported, trained, and placed by Telenor. In collaboration with Telenor Pakistan, PTA launched its Disability Inclusion Management Trainee Programme as the first public sector entity to do so.

PTA launched the program as part of its digital gender inclusion effort to encourage inclusion and diversity in the workforce. The Disability Inclusion Management Trainee Programme was created to give female graduates with disabilities a chance to develop their skills in a welcoming atmosphere while gaining crucial regulatory work experience.

Additionally, PTA is dedicated to creating an environment where employees are appreciated, valued, and empowered, and diversity and inclusion are recognized. PTA facilities and website guarantee accessibility and offer assistance in accordance with global accessibility standards. One of the few governmental institutions in Pakistan with a fully accessible website is PTA.

The graduate trainee worked with professionals in the fields of data analysis, business communication, statistical analysis, and research while receiving extensive on-the-job training at Telenor Pakistan. The trainee will have a one-of-a-kind chance during the internship at PTA to develop a deeper comprehension of PTA’s role and the laws and policies that control it.

In order to give trainees the greatest tools for skill development and on-the-job training, Telenor Pakistan’s Open Mind Pakistan initiative was introduced in 2013. It focuses on offering a merit-based, egalitarian platform for people with disabilities.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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