SpaceX’s Powerful Rocket Explodes on Maiden Fligh

CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk directly talked to his team about the setback of their rocket Starship, even though it was not successfully launched but he praised his team and give a good hope for upcoming projects.

Elon Musk and his team were expected to the rocket to be separate from its booster, but it did not happen, the rocket exploded after its takeover.

The rocket did not go with their plane as there for it exploded, but Elon Musk congratulates his team for this experiment and said that this is designed to take scientists to the Moon and Mars.

Starship is a huge rocket and it needs more pressure and force to fly it is something new than to the other rockets that is why Elon Musk was hurry to succeed it.

Elon Musk and his team were expected to check working and separation of rocked and its booster, they expected the rocket to land safely, but I didn’t work.

Elon Musk called it successful test, he said that we have learned a lot of new things after this experiment, and we hope for upcoming future. We learned more about group system and the vehicle he added.

According to source he warned his team to check all technical problems before start to test, after this test NASA congratulated Elon Musk and his team for this experiment.

They congratulated because Musk and his team took a risk to make their project successful, and every project and experiment obviously take some time to success.

NASA is willing to send their astronauts towards moon in 2024 with the help of their rocket Space Launch System, but it is fact that Musk SpaceX was more powerful than SLS of NASA.

The reason behind this is that SpaceX is able to carry more weight than of Space Launch System (SLS) and it is bigger in size to carry more astronauts.

Multi planet civilization

The mission of Elon musk and his team is to make human multi planet civilization that is why they launched this powerful rocket called SpaceX, Musk and his team planned to send their rocket to space and continue their research and journey.

The first test was unsuccessful but still they are trying to make changes, as he said that we have learned a lot from this experiment, and we hope for the good future indeed.



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