Smoking Video Of Actress Saba Qamar Has Drawn Unexpected Criticism

Saba Qamar, a Pakistani actress, has gotten unexpected criticism for a smoking video

Saba Qamar is a well-known actress and model in Pakistani entertainment. She has a large following on social media thanks to her outspoken speech and acting. This girl adores portraying every role that actors avoid playing, which is a bonus. Perhaps Saba Qamar’s bold demeanor also ensures her success.

According to Google, Saba Qamar, a Pakistani actress, will age 38 in 2023. She is still gorgeous, young, and in excellent form. Despite being 40 years old, Saba Qamar is still looking for a good boy to be her groom and marriage partner.

In the year 2023, Saba Qamar announced her engagement to Azeem Khan.

She later broke off the engagement, though, for a number of reasons.

Two months later, Saba Qamar’s younger brother passed away, and everyone was devastated to hear the news.

Since that time, Saba Qamar hasn’t made an appearance on television. Her brother’s precise cause of death is unknown.

But Saba Qamar adored her brother so much. She also affectionately called her brother Munna by that name. We implore Allah Almighty to grant Saba Qamar’s brother tolerance from his family and a high position in heaven.

A video showing Saba Qamar smoking a cigarette on the set of an upcoming movie has become popular on social media.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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