Sindh CTD records the KPO shooting case

A case has been filed by the Counter-Terrorism Directorate (CTD) Sindh against the assailants and their enablers in connection with the deadly attack on the Karachi Police Office

When a suicide squad of terrorists assaulted the multi-story office of the police chief in Karachi on Sharea Faisal, the city’s main thoroughfare, authorities witnessed one of the worst encounters in recent memory. During a successful operation by law enforcement agencies (LEA) with assistance from the Pakistan Army, all the terrorists were killed and the KPO building was cleared; nevertheless, four innocent lives—police officers, rangers, and a civilian—were lost in the process.

According to the Anti-Terrorism Act, the Explosives Act of 1884, the Pakistan Criminal Code’s sections pertaining to murder, attempted murder, and other crimes, as well as other laws, the case has been filed on behalf of the station house officer of the Saddar Police Station.

The FIR alleged that Deputy Inspector General Irfan Baloch was in charge of organising an operation against the terrorists. Three terrorists participated in the attack, and one of them perished in a reprisal fire on the fourth level of the structure.

The second terrorist detonated himself on the third floor, and the LEAs employees also murdered the third terrorist as payback.

The FIR added that the body pieces of the terrorist who blew himself up had been found and stated that “the two terrorists who were gunned down were also wearing suicide vests.”

The case was reportedly filed on February 18 at 4:30 p.m., according to the police.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a banned organisation, “claimed responsibility” for the attack on social media, according to the FIR.

The rear wall of the family quarters, which were built close to the police line, had barbed wire attached to it, and it was cut by the terrorists, according to the statement. Three terrorists arrived at the Saddar police station in a car, and two accomplices arrived on motorcycles, according to the report; the automobile was later impounded.

Furthermore, it claimed that the KPO was the intended target of the two terrorists driving the motorcycle.

The FIR also included information about the ammunition that was found during the clearing effort after the incident. Two suicide vests that had been defused and five grenades were among the retrieved goods.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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