Sherry Rehman Critisized Imran for Skipping APC

Senator Sherry Rehman, the Federal Minister for Climate Change, accused Imran Khan of putting his own political interests before the welfare of the country on Saturday.

The Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Sherry Rehman, accused PTI Chairman Imran Khan of prioritizing his own political interests over the welfare of the nation on Saturday. She scathingly criticized Khan’s refusal to attend an All Parties Conference (APC) called by the alliance government.

“It is deeply regrettable to see Imran Khan clinging to an outdated and irrelevant narrative in these trying times,” Rehman said. In convening the APC, the coalition government aimed to bring the country’s political leaders together and devise collective strategies to tackle Pakistan’s challenges. Khan’s divisive politics are dividing the nation at a time when national unity is essential in combating terrorism, a matter about which he remains ambiguous.”

In a statement released by Rehman on Monday, she called Khan’s refusal to attend the APC meeting in Peshawar an example of his “self-centered style of politics.” She said Khan’s refusal to attend the APC shows that the PTI’s political interests take precedence over saving Pakistan.

The Federal Minister’s criticisms will only intensify tensions between the two leaders, as they continue to trade barbs in what has become a high-stakes battle for the nation’s future.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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