Sharmila Tagore Sparks Debate with Her Children’s Names

People ridiculed Sharmila Tagore for giving her kids Muslim names.

Sharmila Tagore is an Indian film actress who is best known for her work in Hindi cinema. She made her debut in the 1960s and has since appeared in over 60 films. She has received numerous awards for her performances, including the National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in Apur Sansar. Tagore is also an advocate for various social causes and was the chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification from October 2004 to March 2011. She has additionally served as a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador. Tagore is one of the most iconic figures in Indian cinema and has set the benchmark for female actors in the industry.

Bollywood legend Sharmila Tagore has been trolled online for naming her children ‘Muslim’ names. Tagore, who is the mother of Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan, recently revealed that she had called her children after Islamic figures. In response to a query about how she felt when her family was questioned about naming her grandson Taimur, Sharmila Tagore shares her feelings. She described how Saif and Kareena were harassed for calling their son Taimur in a recent interview.

After Saif and Kareena got married in 2012, their first child, Taimur Ali Khan, was born in 2016. The couple faced severe backlash for choosing a Muslim name. When discussing the couple’s bullying with Mojo Story, she asked, “Can you really please everyone? Why then even try? Because if you follow other people’s advice, your priorities and desires will be lost, and since you can’t win if you do, why even try? It would be best if you indulged your own wishes.

“Anger is not the emotion here,” she continued. Observe it once more and make a note of it. I do not use social media. But I came across a post that claimed it would have been preferable if Kareena had contracted Zika and Taimur had never been born. How is it possible for someone to think that way? I asked. How is it even possible to wish a day-old baby this much harm? What source does it have? Although I’m not afraid, I do wonder what this world is. Who are these people, exactly? Or are they simply saying what has already been said? Are they genuine?

Despite the trolling, Tagore has received some support from her fans, who have applauded her for promoting religious harmony. They have also praised her for being respectful of other cultures and religions.

It is clear that Tagore is not easily swayed by online trolls and is determined to honor her own heritage and the heritage of her children. It is important to remember that no matter what religion one follows, respecting and accepting other cultures and religions is always essential.

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

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