Shahid Afridi To PCB; Handle Shaheen Shah With Care

Shahid Afridi stated on Tuesday that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) must now treat star pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi with extreme caution.

The senior Afridi told a private news outlet that Shaheen “is presently resting because he once again had his knee damaged in the same spot.”

“I believe Shaheen needs to take at least two to three months off to heal and should be cautious when fielding.”

The youthful pacer was warned by the former master-blaster not to land on his feet in a way that would put too much stress on his knee joint and send him back to rehabilitation.

Shahid stated, “He has to play extremely carefully right now, and PCB will have to make sure.

In response to rumours that Shaheen participated in the T20 World Cup while unfit, Shahid remarked that if Shaheen had been unfit, he would not have been able to bowl even two overs in the tournament’s championship game.

Shaheen’s knee has been properly examined by PCB Medical Officer Dr. Naseebullah Soomro and Australian knee expert Dr. Peter D’Alessandro, who have found no signs of significant injury. The fast bowler is currently feeling better.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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