Schengen Visa Consolidation And A New Pricing Schedule Are Announced By VFS Global

VFS Global, a visa management organisation, has announced significant modifications for its Indian citizens applying for Schengen visa

VFS Global, a visa management organisation, has announced significant modifications for its Indian citizens applying for Schengen visas.

The procedure for appeals and remonstration petitions has been changed, and there are now new fees for the German National and Schengen visas.

The most significant change is the centralization of the Schengen visa (short-term visa), which enables Indian candidates to schedule an appointment and submit their visa application at any of the VFS Global-operated application centres located around the nation.

Schengen Visa centralization

According to VFS Global, applicants can now schedule appointments and submit Schengen visa applications at any Visa Application Centre run by VFS Global in India, regardless of where they currently reside, as a result of the centralization of Schengen visa (short-term visa) processing at the German Visa Centre in Mumbai.

Geographic restrictions have been lifted in this situation, thus slots in other significant Indian cities can be searched if the Application Center nearest one’s home town is fully booked.

The only restriction in this instance is that national visa applications (D-visa category), such as those for work, family reunion, and student visas, are not covered by this modification.

Process Change for Appeals and Remonstrances

According to the update, applicants will no longer be able to file appeals or remonstration petitions at VFS application centres in Mumbai for refusals of Schengen visas or national visas. The VFS also advised about the change in the procedure for appealing against visa refusals.

You or a representative with permission may appeal a Schengen visa denial or a national visa denial in Mumbai and ask for a new review of your visa application (remonstration). Within one month of receiving the refusal letter, this request can be sent as a scanned document via email to [email protected] or as a letter sent to the visa division.

Specific information such as the applicant’s name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, reason for rejection, application number, address, and contact information should be included in the application.

An authorisation letter personally signed by the applicant is required in the event that a third party files an appeal.

and the authorised person’s signature are also required.

According to VFS Global, your application should explain in great detail why you are travelling to Germany and why this stay is significant to you. The applicants have been invited to provide specific justification for why, in their opinion, the rejection is unjustified. One may later add more documents that have not yet been submitted, if necessary.

The consulate general’s official language is German, however applications for Schengen visas can also be completed in English, according to VFS Global. Documents submitted with your appeal, however, can only be processed if they are written in German or English.

As the relevant German authorities will be involved, VFS noted that if you are contesting the denial of a national visa, your protest can only be made in German.

Regarding timing, VFS Global has stated that status requests cannot be accommodated and that the processing period of remonstration can take up to three months.

revised visa costs for Germany and Schengen visas

An increase in visa costs has been announced by the German Consulate General in Mumbai.

The updated Schengen Visa application fee for an adult is now 6,800 euros, while the fee for a youngster is 3,400 euros. In addition, the cost of a National Visa has increased to 6,600 yen for adults and 3,200 yen for children.

Additionally, the current visa charge for an adult applying for a national visa is 6400 INR, while the fee for a kid applying for a national visa is 3200 INR.

Previously, the Schengen visa cost only $6400, whereas the German consulate charged individuals $6,000 for a national visa.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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