SAP Announced Free Training for Students in Pakistan

SAP (German Software Company) Announced to provide free Training for Students in Pakistan!

Seeing the potential in Pakistan’s IT sector, the German company “SAP” has started a student zone program in universities from January 1 for IT promotion, under which students will be given free training.

Saqib Ahmed, Country MD of SAP, a German software company, while addressing the media round table session under Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration, said university students would be given access to SAP software under the Student Zone. He said that SAP had offered all universities to join the student zone program. Students of universities will be given access to SAP software under the Student Zone.

According to Saqib Ahmed, this initiative aims to increase IT exports by promoting the IT sector in the country. He said highlighting the importance of digital transformation in Pakistan is the need of the hour, and Pakistan needs help with administrative change. People respond to transformation in the face of the threat of unemployment. Business practices are changing globally, and developing software and solutions is also the most important need of the hour in Pakistan. SAP is ready to provide affordable software solutions in Pakistan. 62% of UN countries use SAP software, and 90% of global companies also use SAP software solutions.

He further said that the speed of digitization in Pakistan was very fast during the Corona epidemic. Still, digitization or digital migration is coming down due to various financial problems. He clarified that digital transformation is essential for the development of any country, and companies must act quickly to capture the market. The basic requirement for business transformation is the availability of accurate data, while SAP provides accurate data to businesses.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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