Sania’s Goodbye, Shoaib Malik Praises His Wife On Her Tennis Career

Shoaib malik responded to Sania’s goodbye from the tennis court

Yesterday was very emotional in the Australian Open championship as Indian Sania Mirza said goodbye to the tournament. She also added that she would appear in a couple of tournaments and, after that, no more tennis.

Her husband, Shoaib Malik, left an emotional message on her Twitter wall. In his tweet, he mentioned,

“You are the much-needed hope for all the women in sports. Super proud of you for all you have achieved in your career. You’re an inspiration for many, keep going strong. Many congratulations on an unbelievable career…”

After losing her final double in the Australian open Championship, Mirza was very emotional while saying goodbye to the court. She started her final word with

“I just want to start with that if I cry, these are happy tears and not sad tears, so that’s just a disclaimer.”

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Sania Mirza Said Good Bye to the Grand Slam

She talked about her career, which spanned over 18 years, and said thanks to her partner and her family in the court. She concluded her final words with,

“Thank you very much for everything, and thank you, Australia, for making me feel at home.”

She won 6 grand slams, three in the women’s double and three in the mixed double. She also became number 1 in 2015.

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