Sami Khan Recently Humiliated in Talk Show, Defended by Actors

Actors defend Sami as she laughs off offensive jokes on a talk show, which is not funny at all.

Sami Khan, an actor, was recently humiliated on a talk show by what were meant to be humorous questions that indicated his career had not been successful. Comedian Sheikh Qasim remarked on Fahad Mustafa’s show, “Your films don’t seem to work out despite you being good-looking.” Khan responded, “No, sir, movies are always hit or miss. I have had successes with Wrong No. 2 and Salakhen, which proves it is a matter of trial and error.”

Qasim challenged Khan’s assertion that Wrong No. 2 was a success, to which Khan replied by citing that it had indeed been a hit. Mustafa backed Khan up, asking Qasim if he had a more “dhang ka (respectable)” question. To prove his point, Qasim then brought up that Khan had also starred in the movie Kaaf Kanga, directed by Khalilur Rehman Qamar, which had flopped. He asked Khan what his thoughts on this were.

Sami Khan avoided or laughed off several critical questions while maintaining a visibly uncomfortable demeanor. After posting a similar video online, some actors came to his defense. Ayesha Omar commented, “This was so uncomfortable to watch,” in response to a news article featuring the clip.

Sami Khan is an extraordinary actor and one of the most committed, courteous professionals. Praise to him for managing this with such elegance, she expressed. “It is not humorous to slight your visitors or anybody else,” Omar underlined that if he had not been prosperous, he would not have been a visitor on the show.

Aisha Uqbah Malik, a former actress, added that the questions were “not funny at all.” She continued that Sami Khan is an incredible actor, a gentlemanly gentleman, a complete joy to work with, and a wonderful human being. These programs must learn where the boundaries are.

Armeena Khan noted that Sami is a “fantastic actor” who is “incredibly well-liked” among his peers. She expressed admiration for his composure when faced with insults, while Muneeb Butt declared that Sami has “no right to be called such things by anyone.” Muneeb Butt then went on to call for an apology from Sheikh Qasim for his behavior.

Actor Sadia Khan remarked that Sami was speaking nonsense in an attempt to be humorous. Sami is renowned and highly respected in the industry, possessing a unique persona.

You cannot judge whether someone’s movies are a success or failure. It is inappropriate to invite famous people to your show for the purpose of slandering them. This is a terrible way to gain ratings!

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

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