Rivalry is Revealed; Microsoft Embedded Chatbot in Bing Search Engine

Microsoft announced they are enabling AI-based chatbots in their search experience.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that they are facilitating their users with artificial intelligence AI-based chatbot experience in search. The Chatbot answers can be seen on the right side of the website links on the search page. However, this experience is limited for each user. The chatbot that Microsoft uses is ChatGPT, a product of a Microsoft-backed OpenAI company.

This announcement has started a new race of technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence AI. A day earlier to Microsoft’s announcement, Google also presented its AI as BRAD.

The starting point of this race is the popularity of OpenAI’s product ChatGPT. It brought a storm in the technology industry. ChatGPT gained its first one million users within five days, and at the end of December, the first month of unveiling, it crossed 57 million unique users. At the end of January, it crossed 100 million unique users. January was double December.

This wildfire diverted the attention of a big tech crunch, Google. It is a challenge for the tech giant to combat the chatbot. The fame of this chatbot is its humanly accurate and to-the-point answers. On the other side, Google only directs users to many websites.

Everything got furious when last month Microsoft announced “a multi-year multi-billion partnership” with San Francisco-based tech company OpenAl.

Some days earlier, Microsoft embedded ChatGPT in its premium Microsoft Teams. It helps to create highlights and notes of meetings. Besides the embedding, microsoft enhanced the user attraction by decreasing its 20% monthly subscription cost, i.e., $8 instead of $10 till the end of June 2023.

Many disruptions are predicted in many fields, i.e., journalism, development, coding, content creation, etc. Besides GPT, Microsoft and Google have launched many AI products that serve different fields. Like Google launched MusicLM for AI music generation, Microsoft presented the text reader with fast learning.

Microsoft announced that the answers that users will get from the embedded GPT would be more accurate than the earlier version of ChatGPT, launched in November 2022

As a baby, there are also some inaccurate and irrelevant answers from the GPT. The reason behind this is old data that was scrapped earlier than 2021.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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