Response From Nida Yasir Regarding Trolling Post-World Cup Remark

Nida Yasir’s expertise on World Cups is the most recent social media trend that is receiving a lot of flak

The leader of morning shows for many years, Nida Yasir is known as the queen of them. She began her career in acting before transitioning to hosting. She later served as the host of one of the most popular and long-running shows in the nation. Over the years, she has hosted a variety of visitors and been embroiled in a number of disputes.

Her encounter with Formula 1 race cars became viral not only in Pakistan but also in India, and later, while on vacation with her husband Yasir Nawaz, she made fun of herself. Her expertise on World Cups is the most recent social media trend that is receiving a lot of flak.

As soon as the preview was made available, her most recent mistake on Shoaib Akhtar’s show went viral. With Kubra Khan bringing up the joke in Fahad Mustafa’s show, it has gained traction on social media.

What year did Pakistan win the World Cup in 1992? Nida was unable to respond to Shoaib’s inquiry since it left her feeling perplexed. She responded right away, “2006,” and Shaista then hushed the right, albeit obvious, response, “1992” – despite the cricketer’s request that she refrain from assisting Nida.

After hearing that, Nida turned back to Akhtar and asked him to restate the query. This time, he questioned, “When did Pakistan win the World Cup in 2009?” Nida shouted out, “1992.” Shaista chuckled and retorted, “At least listen to the question,” in response. Because she realized how inaccurate her answers were at this point, it started to be less amusing than she had originally believed.

The video, which was shared on Urdflix’s official account, quickly gained popularity on social media as people poked fun at Nida’s answer. “It’s occurring once more. Nida Yasir is unbeatable in current affairs, according to a Twitter user.

Another user expressed interest in seeing what further “entertainment” the two AM hosts could produce. When two morning show hosts shared the same screen, they wrote, “This is going to be so much fun.”
Nida Yasir received a barrage of harassment as a result, and she has now answered. She stated that it is common to forget dates and make errors, and Peechay Hut’s response to all of this teasing is:
Nida’s statement is receiving a range of responses from online users, as shown here:

Written by Aly Bukshi

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