Rescuers continue looking for survivors of the Turkiye-Syria earthquake as the death toll approaches 24,000

The dead toll from the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria has surpassed 24,000; rescuers are still actively searching for survivors

According to reports in the international press, the number of fatalities in the area following one of the biggest tragedies in recent memory has increased as a result of the cold, starvation, and suffering that have engulfed a sizable number of those who were left homeless.

With hundreds of families and even toddlers being rescued from the wreckage, search teams are currently battling against time to identify survivors buried beneath buildings that fell due to severe tremors.

The UN has issued a warning that over a million people in the two countries urgently needed food following the earthquake amidst horrifying reports. Nearly 500,000 newly displaced victims will receive food thanks to a $77 million appeal from the UN World Food Programme.

According to reports, the earthquake severely damaged more than 12,000 buildings, and those who survived are currently facing bitter cold.

Pakistan recently established an air bridge to carry aid to Turkiye after Islamabad delivered 100 tonnes of aid to the region, including winterized tents, food, and medical supplies.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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