Rail workers demonstrate against eight months of salary delays

The federal government was encouraged to pay railway workers on schedule after they raised concern over the delay in their payments

On Monday, the workers gathered at Pakistan Railways’ (PR) Locomotive Shed in Lahore. They claimed that they had not been paid on time for the previous eight months and requested that the problem be fixed right away.

They claim that in these difficult times, even those putting their lives in danger to repair the train tracks are in severe need.

Fare Hike
Last week, PR hiked Green Line train fares by 25%. The department resumed the train between Islamabad and Karachi on January 27 using newly imported Chinese carriages.

The new rates from Rawalpindi to Karachi are:

Rs. 4,000 for economy class.
Rs. 8,000 for AC standard.
Rs. 10,000 for business class.
In addition to 4 to 5 AC economy class coaches, the train will also contain 2 AC Parlor coaches, 5 AC Business coaches, and 6 AC Standard coaches. The service offers passengers delicious cuisine, complimentary Wi-Fi, and comfortable accommodations.

Although PR asserts that it is improving conditions for commuters, it also appears that its own personnel need care.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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