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Punjab Poll: The Governor would ask LHC for clarification on his role

The governor of Punjab, has made the decision to approach LHC in order to clarify his position in the consultation process about the election date as the province prepares for the general elections

Last Monday, the LHC ordered the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to hold elections in Punjab within the 90-day constitutional window.

According to a court order in writing, “the ECP is directed to immediately announce the date of the election of the Punjab Provincial Assembly with the notification specifying reasons, after consulting with the Governor of Punjab, being the constitutional Head of the Province, to ensure that the elections are held not later than ninety days as per the mandate of the Constitution.

Rehman’s spokeswoman stated that there were some concerns in the high court’s ruling that needed “clarification and interpretation” following today’s meeting with the ECP team to review the LHC’s orders for the finalisation of the election date.

The spokesperson stated in a statement that the subject would be brought before the court after consulting with legal and constitutional experts.

On the chief election commissioner’s orders, a three-person ECP delegation visited the governor. The group was led by the secretary of the commission.

Following their discussion with the governor, the commission would now brief the electoral body.

The Punjab governor would be consulted about the timing of the general elections in Punjab, per a decision made by the ECP in a meeting presided over by the CEC the day prior.

The LHC decision on the general elections in Punjab was discussed at the meeting, according to the ECP.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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