Punjab Police will train the Iraqi Police Force

Training of the Iraqi Police Force by the Punjab Police.

The Punjab Police, under the direction of IG Dr. Usman Anwar, have committed to completely collaborate with the Iraqi Police Force by offering cutting-edge training and any assistance that may be required to improve their effectiveness while undergoing training.

IG Punjab instructed the Additional IG Training to ensure close coordination and information sharing when sharing recruitment courses, capacity-building programmes, and other training courses with the Iraqi delegation.

These opinions were shared during a meeting with a three-person delegation of Iraqi police officers on Thursday at the Central Police Office. The mission was led by Lt-Gen. Inspector Abdel Khaleeq Badri and comprised Maj. M. Raheem and Maj. Zaidoun Yassin Hadi.

In a meeting with the Iraqi delegation, IG Punjab, Dr. Usman Anwar, gave DIG Logistics the go-ahead to fully assist the Iraqi police officers in the choice, purchase, and design of clothing for the uniforms so that the best uniforms could be made available in accordance with the needs of the Iraqi police.

The team also gained knowledge about the Punjab Police’s training programme and the creation of police uniforms. According to Dr. Usman, the Punjab Police is tasked with managing traffic, protecting citizens’ lives and property, and keeping foreigners and important locations safe.

He placed a strong emphasis on imparting to the Iraqi police expertise and information about the most recent techniques in the field of training, as well as sharing with them the substantial experience of the Punjab Police. During the meeting, topics of shared interest were covered, including professional development and increasing the police force’s capabilities.

Abdel Khaleeq Badri, the head of the Iraqi delegation, thanked the IG of Punjab for his assistance with regard to training and uniforms. He also expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the Punjab Police to uphold the law.

According to Dr. Usman Anwar, the Punjab Police’s Special Protection Unit works round-the-clock to protect visitors from foreign countries and that its services are always available to help the Iraqi police force strengthen its capabilities.

A memento was given to the leader of the Iraqi delegation by IG Punjab at the conclusion of the meeting. Additionally present at the meeting were IG Training, Zulfiqar Hameed, DIG Operations, Waqas Nazeer, DIG Training, Kamran Adil, and DIG Logistics, Shariq Kamal Siddiqui.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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