ChatGPT: Everything You Need To Know About Most Amazing AI

The impact of chatGPT on human lives – Read everything you need to know!

The future is something that always clicks in the minds. People are always looking for ways to make it easy for themselves and the next generation. Mankind has been working from the beginning of known history. From the invention of the wheel to this data age, this is continuously growing.

In the last century, when scientists successfully built a computer, the whole human race began to look at new horizons of advancement. At the end of the last century, one thing that is continuously was talked of the town in the tech world was AI, i.e., Artificial Intelligence. It was fictionized with the help of movies, dramas, and books. To date, researchers are continuously working on AI stuff.

There is a big name in the world of AI is OpenAI. OpenAI came into being in 2015 and holds a mission.

“to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.”
To meet this statement, they are working by day and night. A team of dedicated researchers is looking for ways to make it happen. Among the many successful products of  OpenAI, one of their products is the chatGPT research program. It caught the attention of researchers and the general public in no time. ChatGPT earns about a million users within its first 5 days. That is jaw-dropping.

A huge difference could be observed if we compare its popularity with many other famous public platforms, i.e., Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb, etc… Netflix earned its first 1 million users within 3.5 years, and Facebook became successful in reaching the mark of 1 million within 75 days. While the chatGPT has broken all of the records.

Why chatGPT is Talk of the Town?

There are many reasons for setting up this new landmark. Some of the reasons are the following.

  • Everyone is looking for a way to create content with ease and accuracy. Allows everyone to do it
  • .It helps people in real-time as its interface is easy to understand.
  • The awareness is higher as compared to the previous. Due to awareness, chatGPT caught the attention of every single mind within no time.
  • Besides the content creators, people from the coding and programming area also get help from it as it writes the code of the program easily in no time.

Areas of Influence
There are a few areas that are highly influenced by the commencement of ChatGPT.

Content Creation
With each passing day, tons of data are now published on different platforms, i.e., google, youtube, etc., while chatGPT plays a vital role in creating content on various topics. The best part of the content it creates is readable, logical, and coherent, like the human created. Content creators are getting help from it in the following terms.

  • Generating lists of ideas or topics for a piece of content
  • Providing suggestions for how to organize and structure a piece of content
  • Rewriting or paraphrasing text to improve clarity and concision
  • Correcting grammar and spelling errors
  • Providing alternative word choices to improve the style and tone of a piece of writing
  • Suggesting additional information or resources to include in a piece of content

YouTube Channels
One major thing that every YouTuber faces in the early steps is niche selection. Thanks to data science, you can know what will be the best for the upcoming days. There is a huge data library in the back end of chatGPT. When someone asks about the YouTube niche selection, it suggests a list of channels. Like some of the suggested niches are in the following. If you are a YouTuber looking for ways to jump into a YouTube content creation career, then don’t overlook the following bullet points.

Tutorials and how-to videos: Teach viewers how to do something, such as cooking a recipe, fixing a car, or doing a makeup tutorial.
Vlogs: Record and share a day in your life, or document your travels and adventures.
Product reviews: Share your thoughts on a product you have tried, and recommend it (or not) to your viewers.
Challenge videos: Try a new challenge or experiment, and document the results.
Q&A videos: Answer questions from your viewers, or do a “mystery box” unboxing video.
Educational videos: Teach your viewers about a subject you know about, such as history, science, or a hobby.
Entertainment videos: Share your talents, such as singing, dancing, or comedy, and entertain your viewers.
Write Coding
Coding is a hot topic of this era. Anyone who wants to jump into advanced technology should be familiar with coding. But there is a thing, coding takes time, and time is a thing that the modern age people don’t. They are always in a hurry and looking for some way to meet their goal within a short period. Chat GPT has done working on it and made the coding easy. You need to explain what you want, so GPT will do it for you. Stunned! Relax, there is one thing besides generation editing and explanation are also easy. You can use the Codex in the following ways.

  • Turn comments into code
  • Complete your next line or function in the context
  • Bring knowledge to you, such as finding a useful library or API call for an application
  • Add comments
  • Rewrite code for efficiency

Written by Aly Bukshi

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