PM Shehbaz , Imran Khan and other Pakistani politicians condemn the suicide blast in Peshawar

Imran Khan, as well as other prominent Pakistani leaders denounced the suicide explosion that occurred at a mosque in southwest Pakistan.

When everyone gathered in the mosque for afternoon prayers, the suicide bomber detonated himself. According to accounts, horrifying pictures were captured as injured people covered in blood were transported to medical facilities as a result of the blast’s ferocity, which reportedly caused a portion of the mosque to cave in.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Muhammad Azam Khan, the acting chief minister of KP, has ordered that rescue efforts be accelerated in order to save the lives of the injured. He has also ordered that urgent measures be taken to transport the injured to hospitals right away.

Muhammad Azam Khan also gave instructions to the health officials to guarantee that the injured received the best medical care possible.

The premier and other officials condemned the threat of terrorism as the occurrence rocked the country.

“Strongly condemn the terrorist suicide attack in police lines mosque Peshawar during prayers,” PTI leader Imran Khan wrote in a tweet. The families of the victims have my sympathies and sorrow. In order to tackle the escalating threat of terrorism, it is essential that we strengthen our information collection and adequately equip our police forces.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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