PM Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif departs UK to attend coronation ceremony of King Charles 03

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mia Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Will represents Pakistan at the coronation ceremony of King Charles 03.

To attend King Charles III of Britain’s coronation on May 6, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif departed for London on Wednesday. Prime Minster of Pakistan Mia Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Said in his statement that, both countries are friend and he will talk to other leaders of the world during this visit.

On his journey to London and on his way back to Pakistan, PM Shehbaz, who will fly on a special aircraft, may have a stopover in Istanbul, however this is not confirmed.

Earlier he was unable to go to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, where there was a chance for him to meet his brother Mia Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, as his officials mentioned that he was busy at that time.

The prime minister had discussions with his cabinet members yesterday. According to source this discussion was part of his UK visit and the meetings which will be held in London.

In his tweet PM Shahbaz Sharif said that he is going to attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles 3 and I am representing Pakistan in this meeting. He said that the British monarch and royal family have been great friends of our country.

He confirmed that during this visit he will not only represent Pakistan but along with meeting other world leaders, he will take part in a conference of the Commonwealth’s joint leaders.

He said that today is World Press Freedom Day; I appreciate journalists all across the world, but especially the journalists of Pakistan, because they work in a critical environment, where they face a lot of problems and challenges each day with full of risk for their life.

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