Pakistan Woman Cricketer Demands Being Treated as Equal Brand

Pakistan’s senior all-rounder Nida Dar is pleased about the soft opening of the Women’s League T20 in Rawalpindi with three exhibition matches.

Nida Dar, a senior all-rounder for the Pakistan women’s cricket team, is enthusiastic about the Women’s League T20’s soft start in Pakistan, which will include three demonstration games in Rawalpindi.

The seasoned cricketer remarked that this league will provide players a chance to receive well-deserved recognition in an exclusive conversation with a news reporter.

“I am quite thrilled about the league’s debut. We have been asking for these three exhibition matches for a very long time, so not just me or anyone else is pleased about it, Nida remarked.

She continued by saying that these games would provide female cricket players the chance to improve their knowledge of the sport, their talents, and learn new things.

“I think this league would help new talent,” the seasoned cricketer stated.

The 36-year-old made her debut for Pakistan in 2010 and is known as “Lady Boom Boom” for her flamboyant hitting style. She was the first Pakistani to be signed by a Women Big Bash League team in 2019.

Commenting about her BBL playing experience, Nida said it was very beneficial to her and is the reason she has consistently pushed for the establishment of a women’s league in Pakistan.

The all-rounder claimed that Pakistan has a plenty of talent and that all the players need to succeed is exposure and the chance to compete against the best in the world.

Like the PSL did for our men’s squad, Nida believed that this competition will aid in the development of new talent for the Pakistan women’s team.

She continued by saying that the league will help girls from other nations who did not have many possibilities as well as Pakistani girls.

“It will be a significant move, according to the veteran cricketer, who has played for Pakistan in 99 World Twenty20 Internationals and 130 World Twenty20 Internationals.

Nida said that many cricket players will use these three exhibition games and the subsequent Pakistani league as stepping stones.

In response to a query, Nida stated that Pakistan’s women’s cricket squad has advanced significantly during the previous 10 to 15 years. She continued by saying that the situation is considerably better now than it was when she first started playing cricket.

“We still lag behind others, therefore we must work extremely hard. People typically criticise us for not winning enough games, but they shouldn’t discount how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished relative to other teams, she added.

Nida anticipated that the Women’s League would also offer women’s cricket in Pakistan a new identity.

“A lot of people don’t know who the team members are, but I’m confident that with a competition like Women’s League, we will gain the respect we deserve. We will get the chance to showcase who we are and what we have to give to the globe, the cricket player hoped.

Nida concurred that occasions like this will persuade society that women can choose to work in cricket in the nation, but maintained that women’s cricket must be treated equally to men’s cricket.

She added, “I am not asking for equal earnings, but we need to be regarded as an equal brand.

Written by Muhammad Qasim