Pakistan vs. England T20 World Cup Final Is Threatened By A Gloomy Melbourne Forecast.

MELBOURNE: In preparation for the T20 World Cup championship match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, England and Pakistan’s coaches will be studying weather forecasts as well as game plans.

Due to a persistent La Nina weather phenomenon that has been soaking most of eastern Australia for several years, heavy rain is predicted for both the reserve day on Monday and the match day on Sunday.

Several Super 12 matches have already been cancelled during the season, but the semi-final matches in Sydney and Adelaide went on as scheduled.

Although the weather may reduce the number of spectators at the MCG, organisers will proceed with the scheduled start time of 7 p.m. (0800 GMT) on Sunday in the hopes that each team can complete the minimum number of 10 overs necessary for the final.

The game will restart at 3pm (0400 GMT) on Monday if it begins on Sunday but cannot be finished, giving the participants a restless night.

The game will begin at 3pm on Monday if Sunday is completely rained out, but the teams have been warned to be prepared to play late into the evening if necessary.

In the worst-case situation, if Monday is again postponed, there will be joint victors for the first time in World Cup history.

Forecasts frequently miss the mark because Melbourne is notorious for having “four seasons in one day,” especially in the spring.

Despite a gloomy forecast for rain, Pakistan played a full game against India in their Super 12 showdown at the MCG.

Although rain was predicted for Friday as well, Pakistan trained at the MCG .Matthew Hayden, the coach of the Pakistani side, was counting on favorable weather after correctly predicting that the team’s ailing captain Babar Azam would regain his form with the bat against New Zealand in the semi-final.

At the MCG, Hayden informed the media, “Today there was a great probability of rain and here we are , The wicket appears to be great.

“I’m certain that Melbourne will open up enough to have a 10-over match on the day.”

Written by Aly Bukshi

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