Crypto: Bitcoin & Ethereum Jumped To Their Monthly High

Is crypto still alive or waiting for the last nail in the coffin? An increase in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum raised the question.

In the last week, BitCoin and Ethereum performed exceptionally well compared to the past. Bitcoin’s value raised by 103.43% and on the other hand, Ethereum stock’s value get higher value. It raised by 109%.

On the 3rd of January, Ethereum’s price was $1214 and is now $1331 per unit. On the other hand, the Bitcoin chart is telling. $16,669 was the price of bitcoin on the 3rd of January, which raised to $17,242 to this day.

This was an exceptional performance. Since the start of the last January, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were continuously devalued. A big name in crypto, FTX faced bankruptcy and its head was arrested in US. a journey from $64,000 to last month’s $16,000+ was very awful for Bitcoin. The same was the trend for other currencies.

But this performance opened a discussion that crypto is coming back and becoming the apple of the eye of the investors or it is the last breath of a dying man. Let’s see what happens in near future.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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