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Pakistan Energy Sector Needs $155 Billion to Revive

The energy sector requires $155 billion in investment to be able to revive its economy in the coming years

In a recent report by Asian Development Bank, the situation of Pakistan’s energy sector was one of the magnified topics of the said region. The Asian development sector’s report described the transmission and distribution of energy in very poor conditions in Pakistan. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in this sector. The amount estimated to revive the sector was about $155 billion.

Pakistan has been facing a major energy crisis since the beginning of the 21st century. The population and industry are going to increase at a higher pace and both of them are unable to get their rightful share to perform very well.

Pakistan has a capacity of 3.0 Terra Watt electricity production from other sources. But the authorities still need to produce such energy to meet the goal. On the other hand, the oil production of Pakistan was 40 million tons which is also not meeting the demand. The same scenario is happening with coal and gas. Gas reserves are continuously decreasing alongside coal, i.e., 3.0 billion tons. In this situation, it is most desired to enhance the electric distribution efficiency by maintaining the distribution and transmission system.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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