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150+ Textile Companies Closed in 5 Months, Laying Off 2 Million Workers

2 Million+ textile workers lost the way to meet their bread and butter in response to the closure of 150+ textile industries in 5 months

Textile is the backbone of Pakistan’s export, but the backbone is facing hardships. In the first 5 months of the year 2022, it was reported that about 150+ textile industries, including both weaving and spinning, closed. As a result of the closure, about 2 million+ people are directly affected by it.

The mill owners blame the current government’s responsibility for all this, worsening the situation. The stronger their point with the words

“Gas is not available to the industry, LCs are not open, raw materials are not available to run the textile industry if the government does not take immediate notice, more textile mills will be closed.”

One of the mill owners complained that before the current government, the electricity unit price was 18 PKR, which jumped with a 100% increase to 36 PKR. he also discussed the petrol price hike from 150 PKR to 224.8 PKR.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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