Pak vs NZ: Pindi Pitches To Favour Batters

As the fourth T20I between Pakistan and New Zealand begins on Thursday at Pindi Stadium, pitch curators are finishing up.

Since the fourth T20I between Pakistan and New Zealand will now take place at Pindi Stadium, pitch curators have begun making final adjustments to the pitches.

The News reported on Tuesday that a total of four surfaces had been installed for the four international competitions the Pindi Stadium will host.

It should be noted that the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium received another demerit point from the International Cricket Council (ICC) in December of last year for receiving a “below average” rating; however, the situation has since changed as a result of the venue having recently provided sensational power-hitting opportunities to local and international cricketers.

Even Test cricket has delivered a tonne of sixes, with the most recent Test between England and Pakistan opening with a record 500 runs. The similar thing happened during the eighth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), when it was conceivable to chase down over 240-run winning objectives in 20 overs.

When there is no grass on the wicket at Pindi Stadium, the surface creates extraordinary opportunity for the batters to score runs because the ball strikes the bat at the predicted rate and height.

This time around, especially in the final two T20Is against New Zealand, nothing will change.

Head Curator Sarfraz Ahmad said in a statement to the publication, “We have prepared several pitches for the four matches planned to be played at the Pindi Stadium over the next 12 days.

“Bowlers with outstanding qualities are always drawn to Pindi’s pitches. The bowler who bends his back and bowls quickly can still get something out of the wicket even when there isn’t any grass on it.

He thinks the playing surface for the two T20Is will be favourable for batting, but that doesn’t mean a bowler couldn’t get something out of the surface. The bowler with the capacity for taking wickets can also leave his mark.

However, the playing surface used for the T20I matches will be largely the same as that used for the PSL matches in March, according to Ahmad.

He continued by saying that the majority of spectators at T20Is want to see powerful hits and fluid drives.

“T20 wickets should be more oriented towards the batter, keeping in mind the attraction of cricket fans. That factor is taken into consideration when curating the surfaces, he continued.

The first of the two ODIs in the five-match series will also be played at Pindi Stadium.

“For the one-day series, efforts are definitely being made to get the first two games’ supporting music ready. For the first two ODI games, there may be some grass present. Even the tiniest of grass might be used by a real fast bowler. The pitch, however, will also be appropriate for stroke play. These pitches will be highly effective, he predicted.

The crowds in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been left in the dark on the match scheduled for April 20.

Who will watch the fourth T20I on ‘Chand Raat’ is unknown to us. The date of Eid ul Fitr on Friday may depend on the moon’s appearance. But if not, we would pray. In order for spectators to thoroughly enjoy the fourth T20I, we anticipate that Eid will fall on Saturday, according to prominent club cricketer Faisal Suleman.

Written by Muhammad Qasim