‘Noor’ Wins Best Health Film Awards at Cannes Film Festival

At the Cannes World Film Festival, the Pakistani short film “Noor” wins the prize for best health-related film.

At the Cannes World Film Festival, the Pakistani short film “Noor” wins the prize for best health-related film. Another Pakistani short film, “Noor,” drew enthusiastic applause while winning the award for the best health-related film at the online edition of the Cannes World Film Festival, following the success of the contentious movie “Joy-land,” which received praise from audiences all over the world.

Umar Adil is the director of the short film “Noor”.

Adil revealed that the movie is based on myths about people who wear glasses and have poor vision. He claimed that the film casually illuminates these stereotypes’ influence on kids and illustrates how this pressure shapes their personalities. Adil described it as a charming tale told from the perspective of Noor, a girl who excels in school but experiences difficulties when her eyesight deteriorates.

Sarwat Gilani, a Pakistani actor who is also in the movie, shared the good news with her followers on Instagram on Wednesday. She tagged her entire team in the post and used the hashtag #WeWon. On Monday, the Cannes World Film Festival released the results of its January online competition.

Earlier, Gilani had stated: “Noor came with a clear purpose of highlighting a pressing social issue while sharing the news about the inspiration and achievement with her followers on her official Instagram. I’m overjoyed that our efforts to spread awareness and light are being acknowledged.

She emphasized that regardless of the gender of a child, teachers and parents have a responsibility to ensure that the child wears glasses in order to maintain their eye health. The role of teachers is crucial because they can see firsthand how children learn in classrooms. Children who have trouble seeing the board must have their eyes examined. She advised teachers to be vigilant.

The movie is about the stigma attached to wearing glasses, such as being discouraged from doing so because one would “look old” if one did. The film’s cast also includes Tasneem Ansari, Mizna Waqas, Omair Rana, Sarwat Gilani, and child star Tanisha Shameem.

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

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