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Nawaz seeks SJC action in response to the Elahi audio leaks

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) was urged to take action by PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif after an alleged audio tape leaked

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) was urged to take action by PMLN supremo Nawaz Sharif after it was claimed that an audio recording of former Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi discussing manipulating cases before a Supreme Court judge had surfaced.

Although Pervez Elahi did not contest the veracity of the tapes, he claimed that his remarks had been misrepresented.

Nawaz Sharif claimed in a statement to the media that Pakistan is in a terrible state right now “because of personalities like this judge. Without a doubt, he and others like him are to blame for the current issue in Pakistan since the country is not stabilising. These audio leaks are regrettable, and attention should be paid to them.

The former premier responded ironically when asked if the SJC should be moved, suggesting that since he claims to be a victim of judicial activism, he might also be charged with leaking information. “Send my name to the same forum if you don’t send this matter to the SJC. Toa deo case vee mairay (register this case against me too). Even this won’t come as a surprise because you have made so many false accusations and fabricated cases against me.

Imran Khan’s age, according to Nawaz Sharif, should be contrasted with his administration, when everything was inexpensive and accessible. “Today, folks cannot purchase bread. It is an extension of what took place under the Imran Khan administration. Compare my administration to Imran Khan’s four years, or his years to mine. Which age was superior should be decided by the country. When costs were lower and there was no load shedding, the country should decide who gave Pakistan a nuclear weapon. The country will learn the truth. We need those who attempted to destroy Pakistan to answer for their actions. Pakistan won’t advance if these people are not made accountable.

Nawaz Sharif criticised the former judges of the Supreme Court who oversaw the Panama case against him and disqualified him for refusing to accept his son’s pay. “I have been arguing that these people should be held accountable for more than six years, and I stand by it since day one.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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