NASA: Webb Telescope Confirms A Picture of Exoplanet

James Webb is working on “Are we alone in the Universe”, the picture of Webb’s first rocky earth-like exoplanet orbiting around a red dwarf received

NASA has received the pictures of the first earth rocky exoplanet were received. That rocky planet is just like earth in size, about 99% of its volume. Planet has been formalized as LHS 475 b. It’s orbiting around a red dwarf. It completes its circle within 2 earth days. However, it’s closer to a red dwarf. But the dwarf’s temperature is half of our Sun.

Scientists are closely watching it and looking for what is there. One thing that we can say with confirmation is that what is not there rather than what is there. Its atmosphere doesn’t contain methane as Saturn’s moon Titan contains.

Till now, scientists are unsure about its atmosphere. The following statement was presented by Mark Clampin, a member of the research team.

“These first observational results from an Earth-size, rocky planet open the door to many future possibilities for studying rocky planet atmospheres with Webb. Webb is bringing us closer and closer to a new understanding of Earth-like worlds outside our solar system, and the mission is only just getting started,”

He spoke these words in front of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) on Wednesday.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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