Motorway police meet their goal of “zero accidents” in the years 2022–23

NHMP has achieved a target by successfully implementing the zero-accident policy during the foggy weather of 2022–2023

No accidents were reported in the current foggy weather, according to an NHMP representative, who also noted that using contemporary technology and acting quickly to control mishaps were the crucial elements in ensuring passengers’ safety while travelling.

There have been 23 pileup incidents on the highways over the past 12 years as a result of thick fog. Nine accidents that resulted in over 140 injuries and 29 fatalities in the previous two years were documented. More than Rs 10 million in financial losses are attributed to these accidents, which also caused damage to 176 automobiles.

Under the direction of IG Khalid Mahmood, the NHMP carried out a thorough investigation of the numerous elements influencing accidents during foggy conditions. Vehicles stranded in the fog could be safely removed thanks to the deployment of sophisticated thermal cameras.

Under the direction of IG Khalid Mahmood, the highway police also introduced a fog travel planner and deployed various techniques to ensure that commuters could travel safely.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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