Meta Has Extended the Facebook Reel Duration

Meta announced that the reel duration on Facebook extended to a maximum of 90 seconds, previously 60 seconds.

The meta company, improving its facilities, has now announced that it will extend the duration of Facebook reels and associate it with memories. Just like Facebook reminds us of our posts, thus, users can now post up to 90 seconds of Facebook Reel. It is because each app has increased its duration to show its video. Interestingly, YouTube introduced shorts after seeing Tik Tok, and then Tik Tok introduced the feature of naturally longer videos.

That is the reason why apps are experimenting with expanding their scope. TikTok videos of up to 10 minutes can now be made, while YouTube shorts are still limited to 60 seconds. Analysts have praised Meta’s practice as millions of users post their memories daily as Reels. Thanks to Rails, allows more people to be added to the Facebook app. Meta has also added an option called ‘Grooves,’ which adds music to the video on a rail-by-rail basis.

If templates are not mentioned in them, it will not be fair. Now it is possible to make the rail more attractive thanks to the new template. More facilities and handles are also being added to the rails, which will help improve it further.

Written by Arslan Arif

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