Mehwish Hayat takes on iTunes, Apple Music for Misclassifying Pakistani Music

Mehwish Hayat criticizes Apple Music and iTunes for describing Pakistani music as “Indian pop.”

Mehwish Hayat is an actress, singer, and model from Pakistan. She is one of the most in-demand actresses in Pakistan’s entertainment sector. She has received numerous nominations, including those for the Lux Style Award, the Hum Award, and the Filmfare Award. Additionally, Forbes Magazine listed her among the top 100 Pakistani women in terms of power. Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, Load Wedding, and Chalawa are just a few of the movies and TV shows in which Mehwish has appeared. She is a philanthropist who supports women’s rights, access to healthcare for the poor, and education. She has also participated in a number of campaigns, such as the Aurat March for Gender Equality. Mehwish is an inspiration to many people, and her work has received praise all over the world.

Leading Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat called out iTunes and Apple Music for categorizing Pakistani Coke Studio as “Indian music, Asian or global.”

As a media player, media repository, tool for managing mobile devices, and client app for the iTunes Store, iTunes is a piece of software. In the meantime, Apple Music is a program that offers streaming services for music, audio, and video.

Mehwish Hayat claimed on Twitter that Coke Studio is “Indian pop,” a Pakistani platform that brings together some of the best singers, musicians, and composers to honor musical heritage. In addition, it is categorized as “Asia” or “global.” I just learned that our Coke Studio Pakistan is classified as “Indian Pop” on the iTunes/Apple Music audio portal. The performer asserted that Pakistani success stories like Coke Studio should be recognized, as does Pakistani music.

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

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