Mansha Pasha Speaks About Her First Marriage

Mansha Pasha discussed her first marriage, which she hadn’t previously discussed

Mansha Pasha had not discussed her first marriage on any platform, but in her recent interview, she spoke about her first marriage. She had a tough time when she married. She said she was married at a young age and was not fully prepared for it. So she couldn’t take the pressure of responsibilities. Specialty for women. Additionally, she said that she had not married to get a divorce.

She said our society gets married to girls at a young age. She told me about her first marriage and that she married her advice man in the showbiz industry, where she had to mostly work off camera.

Normally, we don’t think about the positive and negative effects of marriage before we get engaged. Getting to know the man we will marry is the most important step.

Mansha Pasha and Gibran are married and very happy together. Their understanding makes them the sweetest couple.

She said that Gibran Nasir had been very appreciated after fighting Dua Zahra’s case. We wish them heart-warming wishes for their future life.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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