Maha Ali Kazmi Speaks Out After a Decade of Silence

In an exclusive conversation, Maha Ali Kazmi explored the impact of Ali Noor’s alleged behavior on her and her professional objectives

Women have long had to battle for equality and respect in the heavily male-dominated Pakistani music industry. Unfortunately, there are times when strong males take advantage of their status and act inappropriately toward ambitious female artists. Another victim who has come forward with fresh charges against Pakistani musician and member of the renowned band Noori, Ali Noor, is Kashmiri vocalist Maha Ali Kazmi, who is best known as the star of the successful television series Cornetto Music Icons.

Let’s contact Maha Ali Kazmi for an exclusive interview after she initially shared her story on Instagram.

Ali Noor Destroyed Maha’s Self-Esteem

Maha Ali Kazmi discussed the effect of Ali Noor’s alleged behavior on her and her career goals in an exclusive interview.

She bemoaned that it seriously undermined her self-confidence to the point where she was unable to perform in a recording studio. Maha was so terrified that she was paralyzed. Maha added that she was unable to record music for a long time. She had to let go of every chance that presented itself. As she previously mentioned, because of that event and the ongoing trauma, she had to pass up multiple possibilities that came her way.

It’s vital to remember that Maha has charged Ali Noor with acting inappropriately and ruining her contract with Coke Studio. Ali Noor, according to Maha, reportedly ruined her Coke Studio audition by calling her to Lahore instead so he could “Mould” her potential. She said she had enough self-respect to never submit to such individuals, and she refused to do so.

Ali Noor Has Been Accused of Predatory Behavior Before.

Ali Noor has already been charged with acting in such a way. Journalist Ayesha Binte Rashid has previously accused the artist of sexual harassment. However, Maha’s story offers even more damning proof of Ali Noor’s predatory and cruel behavior.

Maha spoke on her personal experience throughout the debate and offered her opinions on how the music business should solve the problem of males misusing their position to take advantage of women.

Maha answered that she was “Shell-Shocked” and had no idea how to react to Ali Noor’s promise to “mold” her potential. She emphasized that this was not how one should ever interpret an artist’s agency.

Maha Took Years to Recover From Her Trauma

Maha Ali Kazmi argued vehemently on the need to speak out against such occurrences. Maha revealed that it took her years to recover from the pain and dread brought on by the episode, and she harbored intense resentment for Ali Noor.

Maha thinks that in order to remedy this problem, external checks and balances that are imposed by law are required. She also urged young women to exhibit the same level of bravery as her by speaking up and using their voices to fight injustices, even if doing so would result in criticism and labels such as “Too Volatile.”

Maha added that while it may appear more practical to make light of the situation at times since common thinking dictates that making a fuss would be unproductive in this scenario, your quiet eventually helps to society’s cancer. And if God has given you a voice, you should utilize it to speak out against injustices. You must first speak for yourself before you can speak for anyone else.

No Assistance from the Music Business

Maha Ali Kazmi made the startling admission that, despite her claims against Ali Noor, she has not gotten any help or support from anyone in the music business.

She is not surprised, though!

She said that not only the music industry, but the entire culture, is poisonous. Everyone must reconsider our whole value system to guarantee that no one is rejected or deprived of a chance gained and merited on their own merit.

Maha Ali Kazmi is Preparing Herself to Move Ahead

Finally, Maha has recovered from her painful experience and is prepared to proceed with dignity and strength. Maha highlighted that she is aware of her worth. She is aware of her abilities, her art, and what I can contribute, she remarked. Maha’s experience serves as a stark reminder of the pervasiveness of abuse and harassment in the music business and the pressing need for reform.

The power dynamics in the music industry make it extremely brave for vocalists like Maha to speak out. Women in Pakistan’s music and film industries confront significant challenges and barriers that impede their advancement, just as in all other sectors.

Maha is incredibly brave and determined to pursue justice for herself and others. We support her in her struggle for a more secure and welcoming music business. It is also time for the music business to examine its own practices and deal with the poisonous culture of abuse and harassment that has existed for far too long.

Written by Mahnoor Mushtaq

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