Mach: Six Coal Miners Were Abducted

QUETTA: Authorities reported on Sunday that six coal workers had been abducted by unidentified armed men from the Mach coal field in the Kachhi district.

Six persons working at several coal mines were taken hostage on Saturday, according to the police, when a group of armed men broke into the coal field region.

They were identified as Sartaj, Jumadar, Rozi Khan, Barkat Ali, Amanullah, and Jamal Khan Kakar, and they were employed at mine number 172. Their coworkers reported the incident to Mach police.

To find the kidnapped people, security forces started a search operation throughout the neighbourhood.

The motive for the kidnappings cannot be determined at this time, according to the authorities. A senior Mach police official stated, “We are looking into the situation and a search operation has been started in the hilly area of Mach and nearby areas for prompt recovery of the kidnapped mine workers.

No one quickly took ownership of the incident.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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