Leopards Spotted In Islamabad’s Saidpur In A Rare Appearance

ISLAMABAD: As many as four common Asian leopards entered Saidpur hamlet, which is near to the protected area, on Thursday evening and hunted a goat, alarming the locals.

This was an uncommon appearance close to human habitation.

According to a report by Geo News, pleas for people to stay indoors came through mosques.

According to the spokesman for the Islamabad Police, information can be exchanged at the 15 services in case of an emergency.

After learning that a few leopards had been spotted inside Saidpur village at 7:30 pm, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) staff hurried to the area to ensure the protection of the populace and the endangered wild cats, an IWMB employee on the scene told APP while sharing details of the incident after a brief video of leopards went viral on social media.

The villagers created the brief video, which lasted barely a few seconds. A leopard and a swarm of residents shining lamps on the wild cat were depicted.

The IWMB representative insisted that he was a local of Saidpur and had gotten the information from the IWMB representative number.

Residents, he claimed, had congregated there like “spectators at a fair,” which was dangerous because the wild animal might have been startled by the hooting and attacked.

He disregarded media claims that the roving leopards had killed more than six goats and cows, claiming that they had only attacked one goat and fled after locals made noise to escape the cats.

In order for the leopards to return to their habitat, the IWMB official claimed that the locals in the area were reluctant to leave the area.

I had asked the patrolling Islamabad Police mobile to disperse the gathering, but they ignored me and departed the area.

He continued, “The leopards have not intruded into the human settlement rather humans have encroached into their habitat as the leopard attacked the goats in a newly built dwelling by the residents which is illegal and within the national park,” but the leopards eventually left the area and no one was hurt.

In response to inquiries, representatives of the Kohsar Police Station stated that police personnel had been stationed locally to guard residents of the nearby village of Saidpur, Daman-i-Koh.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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