Lal Haveli is Probably Going to Be Vacated

A plan to leave Lal Haveli within 24 hours has been created by the Evacuee Trust Properties Board (ETPB)

In this regard, the department has enlisted the aid of law enforcement organisations (LEOs), including the Rangers, police, and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, a former interior minister, and his nephew Rashid Shafiq made an announcement that they would oppose the haveli’s evacuation at the same time.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and his brother Sheikh Sadeeq Ahmed had their appeal against the civil judge’s eviction decision for their Lal Haveli home accepted in October of last year by a district and sessions court in Rawalpindi.

The court in Rawalpindi overturned the civil judge’s decision and agreed with Sheikh Rasheed’s argument. The case was sent to the civil court so that a new hearing could be held.

Sheikh Rasheed, the leader of the Awami Muslim League (AML), has been given a seven-day deadline to leave the Lal Haveli.

The ETPB found that the former minister and his brother had ‘illegally’ occupied seven homes, including Lal Haveli, according to its ruling. Despite multiple opportunities, neither the APML CEO nor his brother were able to submit the necessary documentation about the property.

When Sheikh Rasheed entered parliamentary politics in 1980, he converted the Lal Haveli, which belonged to a Hindu woman before partition, into his political office.

Rasheed has already gotten a notification from ETPB, as he stated in October 2016 that he had received a notice of eviction.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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