Javed Miandad Bold Statement Over India Refusal

You can go to hell. We have enough cricket; Javed Miandad’s bold statement over India’s refusal

In an interview, Javaid Miandad gets angry over India’s behaviour regarding participating in Asia Cup 2023.

The anchor person asked about the Indian statement of not participating in the upcoming Asian tournament, which will be held in Pakistan.

He replayed,

“India can go to hell if they don’t want to come to Pakistan to play cricket. Pakistan does not need India to survive,”

Javid added more,

“Why is India afraid to play against Pakistan? They know if they lose to Pakistan, the public will not spare them. Narendra Modi will disappear; their public won’t leave him,”

There is still a stalemate over the issue of India’s visit to Pakistan. Last year, after the announcement, BCCI refused to come to Pakistan. In response, the chairman of PCB at that time, Ramiz Raja, also stated about not coming to India to participate in World Cup 2023. Recently, there was also a meeting of the Asian Cricket Council ACC in UAE regarding this issue. But, the matter of the Indian visit

Written by Aly Bukshi

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