Islamabad will have authorised street performers across the city

The local government of Islamabad is taking steps to legalise street entertainers by providing permits to individuals who satisfy certain standards

The action was taken as a result of concerns voiced by both tourists and the police regarding street entertainers brandishing fake firearms.

Street performers have to submit an application and satisfy all requirements stipulated by the authorities in order to be granted a licence. The licencing procedure may still include auditions, as is typical in many nations, although this is still up for debate.

By issuing licences, the community will be able to recognise street artists as legitimate members of society and assist fight beggary.

In addition, it will enforce laws banning the use of firearm replicas because they may provoke violence, especially in young people.

An official pointed out that rather than begging for money, street performers are valued members of society in many other countries.

The licences will help them succeed by gaining the respect they merit.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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