International League T20 – A Different Style Of Cricket League

Innovations are un-unstoppable in league cricket; the ILT league adopted the wrestling style for the best bowler and batter of the competition.

ILT is on pace. This T20 is playing in UAE. Like many other leagues around the globe, this league is also adopting innovative ideas to distinguish them in race. For the sake of innovation, instead of a trophy, they are presenting belts. It mimics wrestling belts.

Like the belts are awarded to significant persons in different divisions in the wrestling competition, ILT will present these belts to significant players. 2 belts are present after each match, i.e., the best bowler of the competition and the best batter of the game.

The green belt is for the highest scorer, and the white for the highest wicket-taker of the competition. Till now green belt was won by Indian batter Robin Uthappa while the white belt holder is Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, the son of Afghan soil.

At the end of the series, there will be three more belts. The black belt will be given to the captain of the winning team. The red belt will be for the most valuated player of the tournament. While the blue belt will be awarded to the best player belonging to UAE.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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