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IHC prevents police from taking action against Sheikh Rashid in the Hub and Karachi cases

On Monday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) barred [the police] from pursuing former minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad in the cases filed in Hub and Karachi.

AML leader Sheikh Rashid’s petitions were considered by Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri in the IHC.

Sheikh Rashid’s attorney declared at the beginning of the hearing that the court had previously halted further action on the Aabpara police station’s summons, but the police had nonetheless filed a case in the same plea and made an arrest. He claimed that while Sheikh Rashid was in police custody, another FIR was filed in Karachi.

How was a case filed in Karachi, in the opinion of Justice Jahangiri, if the statement was made in the Poly Clinic Hospital? The bar councils, the Attorney General, and the Advocate General were also sent notices by the court prohibiting them from moving forward in the proceedings brought against Mr. Ahmad in the Hub district of Balochistan and the Mochko neighbourhood of Karachi. How could there be FIRs in various cities regarding the same incident, the court questioned.

According to the attorney, a third case was filed in Murree, and the court then asked if any arrests had been made in connection with those three instances. According to Sheikh Rashid’s attorney, only one case resulted in an arrest.

According to the lawyer, Sheikh Rashid was interrogated about politics for roughly six hours while strapped to a chair in an unidentified location. Additionally, he was tortured.

The court remarked, “I don’t know where this will end; you had filed terrorism proceedings against the secretary of information and the managing director of the Pakistan Television Corporation, and now the same thing is happening to you. Imagine what would have happened if the lady secretary had been taken into custody by the police “?

The IHC postponed the proceeding until February 9.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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