Hania Aamir Shared A Video Of Badshah’s Question On Instagram

“Hania Aamir looks MAST (wonderful).”Said Indian singer BADSHAH.

She has a pleasant personality and seems to be a pleasant person. Known for singing songs like Ye Babu, Pani Pani, and Kala Chashma, the Indian singer has said he admires Pakistani actress Hania Aamir’s Must Bandi. Badshah’s disco songs are well-known in the Middle East like those from India and other countries in the region, including Pakistan. He has also had several songs become the most viewed on YouTube, including ‘Pagal,’ which is also heard at weddings and parties. During a recent Instagram thread, Badshah was asked about being a fan of Pakistani actress Hania Aamir.

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A video of Badshah’s question and her answer was shared on Instagram by Hania Aamir. He sent the actress a video after it became viral.

Badshah shared a video in which he read a question from a fan asking him whether he follows Hania Aamir on Instagram. He is honest in admitting that he follows Hania Amir. The singer added, ‘He finds Hania Aamir Mast Bandi’. He feels better seeing her. According to Badshah, Hania has a very nice and clean personality, and she thinks she is a great person.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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