Government of AJK Announces Zero Income Tax In IT Sector

IT sector and other industries will be tax-free in AJK, said Prime Minister

The prime minister of Azad Jammu Kashmir has announced that the region will be tax-free for IT and other industries. Mr. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas announced yesterday.

Resources also reported that IT firms that export more than 20% of their products and services will be able to get tax exemption. Moreover, he also announced the provision of free plots and government support for the IT sector that wants to start their venture in AJK.

Moreover, Mr. prime minister also said that IT Excellence Center is operational in Rawalakot. Another IT Excellence Center will be soon operational in Muzafarabad. These initiatives will help to make the region an economic zone of the area.

In past, there are only 5K tax filers in AJK which have increased to 35, 000. This tremendous number is enticing to the government to facilitate the industry and especially the IT sector to earn more tax from the region.

Written by Aly Bukshi

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