Foreign Cash Robbed From Mohammad Hafeez Home

Burglars stole millions of dollars from Mohammad Hafeez’s home

On Tuesday, burglars stole millions of dollars from Pakistan star Mohammad Hafeez’s home.

It was discovered on Tuesday that a heist had taken place at the home of Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Hafeez during which millions of dollars’ worth of foreign currency had been taken.

The criminals entered the cricketer’s home in the middle of the night between Sunday and Monday, according to the police.

When the robbery occurred, neither Hafeez nor his wife were home. Hafeez’s wife is in Islamabad for some employment while he is occupied with the Pakistan Super League.

At the Defense Police Station, the cricketer’s wife’s uncle made a complaint.

According to the initial information, the thieves took away $20,000, £4,000, €3,000, and 5,000 AED.

Written by Muhammad Qasim